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Container Desiccants

DunLash Ultra – Moisture Control

DunLash Ultra container desiccants are manufactured in South Africa and keep your cargo dry and free from moisture damage. Condensation inside a container arises due to significant temperature variations that cause a damaging moisture-release cycle, which can result in: Mould, rust on metal parts, collapsed packaging, and wet cargo.


DunLash Ultra moisture control packets come in a 750g sachet with a hanger. The product itself is a mixture of natural fiber and calcium chloride, for use in export containers and is a cost-effective desiccant by weight. For optimal shipping container moisture control, these desiccants should be hung on the upper lashing points throughout the container.


Features And Benefits of DunLash Ultra Container Desiccants


  • Prevents moisture damage
  • Highly efficient and cost-effective
  • Meets FCC Guidelines for shipment of cocoa beans
  • Moisture absorption of up to – 250% + at 30ºC & 80% RH
  • Absorbs up to 150% at 28ºC & 70% RH
  • Dimethylfurmurate free and complies with EU directive 2009/251/EC
  • These moisture control packets can be disposed of as normal trade waste


Applications For DunLash Ultra Container Desiccants


There are a number of different applications and industries that can take full advantage of the moisture control efficiency of DunLash Ultra container desiccants. These include machinery and equipment, metals, leather products, food and beverage, agricultural produce, chemical industry, military, glass, and packaging.

DunLash Ultra container desiccants
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