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DunLash Packaging Desiccants – Efficient Moisture Control For Cargo

Packaging Desiccants

DunLash Packaging Desiccants – Efficient Moisture Control For Cargo

DunLash is a cargo securing solutions specialist company based in South Africa. We develop and manufacture high-quality cargo securing products, expertly designed to ensure our clients’ shipments arrive at their destination safe and free from damage. As a proud partner of Cordstrap, a long-standing specialist in cargo securing solutions, we have a combined 40 years of experience in the industry and are the exclusive distributor of Cordstrap products in Africa.

Innovation is at the core of what we do. Continuously striving to provide excellent products by understanding customer needs has allowed us to develop trusted partnerships with clients across the globe. We endeavour to give customers the peace of mind that their shipment will arrive safely and free from damage in an assured and cost-effective way. Our PacDry packaging desiccants are an excellent example of this mission in practice.

Moisture Control Solutions With Packaging Desiccants

During storage and transportation in shipping containers, your products are at risk of damage and particularly so from moisture. This damage can result in significant profit losses for companies shipping their products, with an estimated 10% of all shipping losses being linked to moisture damage and causing a colossal annual $400 -500 billion loss in sales value. While being hugely wasteful and causing impact to brand reputation, lack of moisture control may disproportionately affect small businesses who may not have the profit margin to weather this loss.

PacDry Desiccants From DunLash

At DunLash, we have developed a simple and effective solution to this issue. Our PacDry desiccants are designed to protect all products in transit, with a specific aim of improving moisture control. We understand that moisture presence in shipments is unavoidable given the multiple climates it will move through in transit. You will therefore need to take precautionary steps to protect your products. The technology of PacDry packaging desiccants harnesses the natural properties of mineral clay desiccants, which absorb excess moisture in the air and prevent water damage. They come in a variety of sizes to be used in different sizes of shipment, to further tailor your order to your needs.

Pacdry desiccants are free from the risk of causing environmental damage, both in their production and in their disposal. At DunLash, we are proud to say we are working to avoid contributing to our environmental crisis. The raw material within PacDry desiccants is the simple and natural montmorillonite clay. Being naturally occurring, the clay does not contain any additives or calcium chloride. It is completely non-toxic and is regularly used in animal food as an anti-caking agent. By choosing us, you’re also opting for an environmentally mindful solution too, without any compromise on quality of course.

If you have any questions on using PacDry or you’d like to get a quote on packaging desiccants, simply fill in the form and we’ll get back to you. At DunLash, we are committed to helping you find the solution that’s best for you.