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Company History

DunLash has 40 years combined experience in the industry and a proud partner of Cordstrap, the exclusive distributor of Cordstrap products in Africa. Since 1965, Cordstrap has remained the world leader at the forefront of a revolution in the protection of cargo.

DunLash was founded by directors Barry Hugo and Richard Hiscock in 2016 both of whom have been affiliated with Cordstrap for 15 years and have since then started locally manufacturing high-quality cargo securing products, with their vast knowledge and passion for what they do, the DunLash brand has become a trusted partner in the industry.

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Mission and Vision Statement

DunLash always ensures the highest quality and safety to provide our customers with the knowledge and peace of mind that their goods arrive at their destination, free from damage. DunLash provides their customers the tools to further their global reach and is driven by an appreciation for the implications transit has on a business and pride ourselves on keeping cargo safe by converting the logistics market to safer, more innovative, and customized solutions.

How We’re Different

Superior Technical approach and knowledge set us apart in the industry. Our Customer relationships are strong, and our customers rely on us as a partner in their businesses for the safe transportation of their products. Quality and safety are of central importance to our business.