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Innovative Cargo Securing and Protection Products

Specialized Agricultural Products

DunLash manufactures and stocks specialized agricultural cooling solutions that help you manage and control the temperature at which your fresh produce is shipped.


Our product range includes:

Reefer Air Flow Technologies (RAFT)

reefer shipping container

Cool Logger Cooling Systems

Cargo Data Loggers

How To Install A RAFT Kit 

When it comes to agricultural cooling solutions, the product you choose needs to maintain the quality and shelf life of your produce. This crucial factor is what separates quality produce from sub-standard, and it is the reason why our innovative systems are designed to provide optimal temperature control. Whether you are shipping delicate berries or citrus fruits, our cargo temperature control solutions, such as RAFT kits and Cool Logger, ensure a consistent and cool environment throughout the entire transportation process.

If you’d like to find out how RAFT or Cool Logger can support your business and help you deliver fresh, crisp produce with every shipment, get in touch.