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Cargo Safety For Exporting From Africa

Load Securing From Africa To The Rest Of The World

Africa is a continent that is filled with opportunities and is constantly growing. DunLash recognises the need for cargo safety when shipping from these African countries to the rest of the world. We have made that process easier with our load securing cargo products.

Africa is a marketplace that offers first grade fresh produce and goods from countries like Angola, Zambia, Ghana, Mozambique, Swaziland, Kenya, Nigeria, Mauritius, Malawi, Namibia, Ivory Coast, to the rest of the world. Exporting is challenging with factors that are out of your control, such as port delays, bad weather, and complicated logistical networks. Our partnership with world class partners like Cordstrap, and our in-depth knowledge and over 20 years’ experience in cargo safety and load securing, enables a much safer and more secure journey for your cargo.

Regardless of the size of your cargo, or whether it travels by air, sea, or road, working with DunLash, you’ll have the confidence that:

  • Your company is advised and trained according to shipping regulations.
  • Our products will minimise the effects of temperature fluctuations and moisture damages.
  • They will also alleviate the chances of goods moving and being damaged in transit.

DunLash is dedicated to exporting the riches of Africa, securing an income, and encouraging further growth in Africa. Our continent is rich with quality produce and manufactured goods. DunLash is committed to making sure those products arrive safely with effective cargo safety and load securing solutions.

RAFT Airflow Technology Keeps Cool Air Moving

RAFT agricultural cargo cooling kit is the ultimate cargo safety solution for shipping fresh produce from Africa to the world. changes the direction of airflow from vertical to horizontal, which forces the chilled air through the packaged product and allows for more uniform produce temperatures throughout the container.

Refrigerated shipping containers can have an innovative technology called RAFT, this is an airflow technology that improves temperature consistency throughout the container. Air is known for being “lazy” and will take the path of least resistance, resulting in the chilled air inside a container to move around the pallets rather than through them. This has a detrimental effect on freshness and quality. RAFT directs the air through the pallets ensuring the produce is kept fresh throughout the transit and lessens the effects of temperature fluctuations.

Desiccant Moisture Absorbers Prebvent Damage To Fresh Goods

Globally used as container moisture absorbers, these are invaluable to keep cargo dry and safe from container sweat or container rain. A common type of condensation in the shipping industry as cargo can often spend months at sea and weeks sitting in the docks in hot or humid conditions. When shipping fresh produce from Africa, this can damage your cargo severely.

Our container moisture control products can easily be stored throughout a container, reducing the amount of moisture in the air. Hang them from the D-rings of the to trap moisture before it reaches your products.

Implementing desiccant solutions will ensure that your cargo is kept dry throughout the journey. Our range of container desiccants, super-absorbent varieties and
primary desiccant for individual packages and specialised applications are the ultimate for ensuring cargo safety.

Prevent Movement Of Fresh Produce With Dunnage Bags

These load securing options are specifically designed to secure and stabilise cargo in containers, closed rail cars, trucks, and ships. Dunnage bags prevent both lateral and longitudinal movement and is most effective in stabilising cargo.

 More than just void fillers, they’re a vital element of cargo safety and security, exerting tons of pressure to ensure cargo remains secure and damage-free in transit.

DunLash offers a wide variety of sizes that will fit the height of the cargo and specific shipping conditions and void areas. DunLash will advise on the most effective dunnage bag to match a customer’s individual requirements for cargo safety and security.

Container Lashing For Load Securing

You can transport any product size thanks to DunLash. Lashing is a term used to describe several container packaging and load securing solutions. Known as one of the most effective ways to secure cargo for shipping wherever it may be on any transport unit – containers, flat racks, railcars, or ships. Eliminate the risks when securing products from unforeseen incidents and unintended damage to your cargo.

Using quality cargo lashing is safe, cost-effective, and time-efficient, SGS-approved polyester lashing solutions can safely secure cargo – whatever the conditions, whatever the application, ensuring you are CTU compliant.

DunLash has a complete range of solutions to secure your cargo:

  • Lashing edge protectors
  • Lashing accessories
  • Lashing buckles
  • Lashing tensioners

Ensure Cargo Safety With Strapping

Our Cordstrap polyester composite cargo strapping solutions provides a high quality, strong solution to securing products of all shapes and sizes, however heavy, fragile, or expensive they may be.
Strapping features:

  • Shock absorbent
  • Lightweight
  • Re-tensionable
  • Certified by Germanischer Lloyd

DunLash’s experts can demonstrate how best to apply our strapping solutions to your specific requirements in the most cost-effective and timely manner.

Find out more about our load securing and cargo safety solutions that will ensure your fresh produce gets from Africa to the world. Contact our team today.