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Cargo Securing For Different Industries

DunLash has been in the business of ensuring the safety and security of cargo during transportation for many years. Our cargo securing solutions and systems are engineered to deliver the maximum protection for goods during shipping. DunLash application specialists work with each customer to provide a bespoke solution that matches their specific shipping challenges and provides the ultimate peace of mind. We have many cargo securing solutions and packaging systems that work for a number of different industries and applications.

We are highly familiar with the following industries and work together with our clients to find solutions that support the secure packaging of their shipments. We make use of a number of quality products to ensure the safety of our client’s shipments. This includes strong and resilient container strapping and lashing solutions, as well as creating adequate buffers using dunnage bags. We ensure that each of our client’s containers have ample moisture control for their products by making use of quality container desiccants.

Cargo Securing For Different Industries


Safe global shipping for chemical manufacturers. We follow all requirements regarding health and safety for chemical transportation.

Cargo Securing For Different Industries


Getting materials safely and effectively to building sites

Cargo Securing For Different Industries

Machinery and Equipment 

Cargo protection for machinery and equipment manufacturers

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Solutions for shipping lines, export packers, lashing companies and stevedores

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Steel and Metal

Maintaining a competitive advantage with safe, cost -effective shipping solutions

Cargo Securing For Different Industries

Food and Beverages 

Tailored solutions for domestic and international shipping challenges