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Mineral Clay Desiccants

Mineral clay desiccants are desiccant bags specifically engineered for the shipping industry. They are a form of primary packaging moisture protection that keeps cargo free from moisture when docked or en route.


PacDry desiccants protect all products (specifically moisture-sensitive products) during storage and transportation. Without the use of mineral clay desiccants, goods can become damaged resulting in huge, losses in costs.


The raw material of our eco-friendly desiccant is natural Montmorillonite clay and does not contain any additives or calcium chloride.


Benefits Of Moisture Control Desiccants


The use of moisture removers in your shipping containers has boundless benefits:


  • Prevents moisture damage
  • Efficient and cost-effective moisture control
  • Environmentally friendly and safe moisture remover
  • Various sizes for most applications and uses
  • Conforms to U.S Milspec D-3464E
mineral clay desiccants
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