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CBT35 Battery Tensioner

Battery Tensioner – the latest battery-powered technology 

The Cordstrap CBT35 Battery Tensioner is specially designed for use with our heavy-duty polyester strapping. Powerful, reliable and ergonomic, it allows users of Cordstrap polyester strapping to experience the latest battery powered technology.

As the global leader in cargo securing, Cordstrap provides reliable and high strength strapping solutions. Cordstrap composite polyester strapping combined with the CBT35 Battery Tensioner is the perfect answer to your cargo strapping requirements.

tighten lashing
lashing tightener

Consistent, reliable tensioning 

The CBT35 Battery Tensioner is designed to deliver consistent tensioning no matter how many pallets or bundles are being secured due to 10 clutch settings. The CBT35 eliminates the strength of individual operatives as an issue.

Cordstrap Strapping will perform even under extreme circumstances when tensioned with the CBT35 Battery Tensioner – with a tension force of up to 800 daN, the latest 18 V lithium-ion battery and brushless motor technology.

We were able to demonstrate how the CBT35 delivers a 38% increase in daily output.

Increased productivity 

An increase in productivity is a key benefit to customers of the CBT35 Battery Tensioner. For example, a Cordstrap customer in the US automotive industry found that when using a manual tensioner during an 8 hour working day, four containers an hour could be processed for 6 hours – but operatives could only average 2.5 per hour for the last 2 hours.

Using the CBT35 Battery Tensioner this can be increased to 5 containers per hour, all day – an increase in productivity of 38%!

And the CBT35 is always ready to use, with over 200 strap cycles per battery charge and 2 batteries included as standard.

lashing tensioner
lashing tightener

Ease of handling 

Cordstrap Strapping can be applied more effectively when using the CBT35 Battery Tensioner. A balanced one-hand operation
 and large power button enable quick and easy tensioning of the strap at all times.

Learn how to apply a Cordstrap composite strapping solution using the CBT35 battery tensioner.

How to instruction sheet (pdf)

User manual (pdf)

CBT35 instruction video 

The video explains how the CBT35 can be used to apply tension to Dunlash strapping products.

CBT35 Features 

  • Strong adjustable tension force
, 10 settings up to 800 daN/1800 lbf
  • Fast tensioning up to 100 mm/s – 3.15/16 “/s
  • Ergonomically designed handle and balanced one-handed operation
  • 18 V lithium ion batteries with up to 200 cycles
  • Consistent securing reliability when used with Cordstrap Composite strap and buckle
CBT35 cargo lashing battery tensioner
cargo battery tensioner

Award-winning product 

The award-winning Cordstrap CBT35 Battery Tensioner provides consistent tension to composite strapping. Ergonomic design and ease of handling allow productivity increases of 38%.

The CBT35 Battery Tensioner is winning awards, as well as customers. After its launch in quarter 4 of 2015 the CBT35 Battery Tensioner was immediately recognized and awarded with a GIO award for ‘Good Industrial Design’. In 2016, iF, one of the most prestigious design competitions in world today awarded the CBT35 Battery Tensioner in the discipline ‘Product’.

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cargo lashing tensioner

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