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DunLash stocks a range of container and primary desiccants to meet virtually any moisture elimination requirement. Moisture inside a container can cause significant damage or even total loss of cargo. It’s also a very common occurrence that can be avoided. Implementing desiccant solutions will ensure that your cargo is kept dry throughout the journey.

The range  of desiccants includes:


  • Container desiccants, super-absorbent varieties
  • Primary desiccant for individual packages and specialized applications
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DunLash Ultra container desiccants

Container Moisture Absorbers

Dunlash desiccants are used across the world as container moisture absorbers. These products are invaluable to shipping companies and global businesses alike, keeping cargo dry and safe from container sweat or container rain. This type of condensation is common in the shipping industry as cargo can often spend months at sea and weeks sitting in the docks in hot or humid conditions.


Moisture trapped inside a shipping container can result in a number of negative side effects, including:

  • Rust on metal surfaces
  • Mould growth on cargo
  • Caking of powdered products
  • Collapsed packaging


Our container moisture control products can easily be stored throughout a container, reducing the amount of moisture in the air. Hang them from the ceiling of the container, or place them along the walls to trap moisture before it reaches your products. These vitally important moisture absorbers reduce the dewpoint temperature, which in turn prevents condensation from building up on the walls of the container.


The Code of Practice for Packing of Cargo Transport Units (CTU-Code) Annex 5 describes what is called the proper state of “container fitness” for cargo when it is packed. It is encouraged to make proper use of moisture absorbers for moisture control to prevent any loss or damage of container cargo occurring.

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