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RAFT – Reefer Air Flow Technology

Is an airflow technology for refrigerated shipping containers that enhances temperature management and outturn quality of fresh produce, increasing profitability. Air is “lazy” and will take the path of least resistance, as a result most of the chilled air inside a container will move around the pallets rather than through them, which has a detrimental effect on freshness and quality. RAFT agriculture cargo cooling changes the direction of airflow from vertical to horizontal, which forces the chilled air through the packaged produce and allows for more uniform produce temperatures. Product quality is improved and waste is reduced.   Benefits include:

  • Reduces temperature differentials throughout the container
  • The quality of all produce, particularly short shelf life fruits and vegetables is improved
  • Enables faster stabilization of cold-steri temperatures
  • Reducing temperature differentials increases the relative humidity. A relative humidity of  >90% is desirable to reduce weight loss and shrivel.
  • The Kit is made of recyclable components and does not damage the container
  • Commercially proven with a variety of produce
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