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Ventilated Pallet Wrap

ventilated pallet wrap

Cargo Protection Wrapping Solution

Our ventilated pallet wrap is made with reinforced macro perforated pre-stretched film, for automatic machines. Its extreme resistance makes this film suitable for wrapping very heavy loads. It has large holes to allow for perfect airflow, even if wrapped around several times.


This protective wrapping is deal for:

Products that are wrapped hot, such as beer, sparkling wine, fruit juices, beverages, canned fruit, and baked products.

Maintaining maximum freshness for fruit and vegetables, flour, cheeses, eggs, and ice creams.

A faster more uniform chilling process of yogurt, meat, fish, and shellfish.

A faster drying process of fodder, forage, cereals, and paper.


Benefits of using ventilated pallet wrap include:

  • Assists with reducing dampness that might damage the cartons
  • Assists in reducing rust on tops and corks
  • Increases airflow
  • Assists with drying, reducing mould
  • Assists post-sterilization and pos-packing treatment
  • Fast freezing
  • Reducing the development of bacteria
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