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Cargo Data Loggers

Cargo Data Loggers
Cargo Data Loggers


Coollogger USB/ Bluetooth Cargo Data Loggers to record Temperature, Light and Relative Humidity and some with and external probes.


Ideal for:

Food Services, Pharmaceuticals, Logistics, Food Services, Hospitals


Benefits include:

  • Continuous temperature record
  • Door opening detection (light sensor)
  • USB or Bluetooth manual/automatic transmission to cloud
  • Alarms (temperature, light, download, battery) by mail
  • Independent data bases for each user for a given ID
  • Estimated life of up to 2 years
  • App for Android and iOS platforms with Bluetooth Devices
  • Cloud Platform for every model
  • Technical data for all models

Ethylene Absorption Filters


Ozeano Filters are used for absorption of ethylene gas (C2H4) spores and microorganisms, when placed on the air intake of refrigerated containers. The filter is a tubular rod filled with alumina impregnated with permanganate and consists of 2 parts: outer shell and filling.


Ozeano granules don’t have direct contact with fruits and produce, nor do they leave any residue on them, for this reason they are not considered as an additive.


Ideal for:

Stone Fruit, Banana’s, Avocados, Mango, Kiwi Fruit, Tomatoes


Benefits include:

  • Ozeano Ethylene absorption filters offer significant improvements and have more resistant granules with no dust
  • Helps avoid box staining
  • Higher efficiency due to micro-channels and a bigger mesh
  • Higher absorption capacity: >3,5 litres C2H4/kg
  • High Speed reaction
  • Spherical shape: better filling and bypass reduction
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