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Africa – The Land Of Opportunity And Quality Produce

Africa, the “Land of Opportunity,” boasts a treasure trove of quality produce has been discovered by the world. From luscious fruits to premium coffee beans, the continent offers an abundance of export-worthy goods. 

So, what exactly is Africa’s export potential and how is DunLash and its extensive experience in global trade working symbiotically with opportunities? Let’s take a look.

Quality Exports From Africa

Africa’s agricultural and natural resources have long been servicing overseas markets. With fertile soils, abundant sunshine, and favourable climates, the continent produces a multitude of sought after products, including cocoa, coffee, tea, spices, and fresh produce. 

Dunlash’s Expertise In Exporting And Importing

We understand the significance of the risk of cargo spoilage and or damaged when exporting from Africa, offering comprehensive solutions to ensure successful transportation. With over 20 years of experience and partnerships with leading suppliers like Cordstrap, we provide a variety of systems for any size of cargo and any transportation mode.

Exporting presents challenges such as port delays and inclement weather, and this can be detrimental for produce shipments. With specialised products, including RAFT Airflow Technology and container desiccants, these challenges can be mitigated, preserving cargo integrity throughout transit. From stabilising cargo with dunnage bags to securing it with container lashing solutions, we provide exporters with confidence that their products will arrive safely, enhancing the shipper’s export quality and reputation.   

Any exporter who values their brand and international relationships should use DunLash to enhance their out turn quality and brand integrity. Contact a DunLash expert today.