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RAFT To Exhibit At Fruit Logistica Asia

RAFT To Exhibit At Fruit Logistica Asia

RAFT To Exhibit At Fruit Logistica Asia

DunLash, RAFT’s exclusive South African distributor, is proud to be associated with RAFT’s activities at Fruit Logistica Asia, which is the world’s largest fresh produce convention for innovative products, technologies, and solutions for every part of the fresh produce value chain.  This, along with its direct access to the global market, makes it the most important international trade fair in the sector. It’s an incredible platform for innovative ideas and solutions to big, costly problems in international fresh produce containerisation.

One of the main industry segments exposed to high losses is refrigerated fresh produce transportation. Fresh produce shippers see losses of up to 20% due to poor airflow and large temperature differentials in reefer containers. Reefer Air Flow Technologies will bring its simple, innovative, and cost-efficient solution to Fruit Logistica 2023 to assist the fresh-produce sector in maintaining top quality all the way to the consumer.

Why DunLash Believes In Reefer Air Flow Technologies (RAFT Kit)

RAFT Kits cargo transport solutions are essential for the fresh produce export sector because they help increase produce lifespan to ensure that it arrives at its destination in the best condition possible. The RAFT solution is uniquely designed to improve airflow within a refrigerated container and reduce spoilage.

Conventional airflow in a refrigerated container can be less than ideal due to low velocity and short-circuiting, resulting in varying pulp temperatures that can lead to spoilage. The RAFT Kit changes the direction of airflow from vertical to horizontal and increases air velocity. This is important because uneven vertical airflow can create cold and hot spots in certain areas. Horizontal airflow distributes the chilled air evenly, resulting in more uniform temperatures throughout the produce.

RAFT’s Attendance at Fruit Logistica Asia 2023

Join us from the 6th -8th of September 2023, Hall 5, stand 5A29 at Fruit Logistica Asia as we introduce the innovative RAFT Kit cargo transport solution to a global audience.

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