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Plan For Unexpected Cargo Delays In 2023

Unexpected Cargo Delays In 2023

Plan For Unexpected Cargo Delays In 2023

Cargo delays are a common occurrence in the transportation industry, and in 2023, it is more important than ever for businesses to have a plan in place to mitigate the impact of these delays on their operations. Strategies like using templiners, RAFT, container desiccants, and lashing for securing cargo can help minimise the potential damage and spoilage due to unexpected delays and keep operations running smoothly.

This article will delve into how businesses can use these strategies to plan for and manage unexpected cargo delays this year.


Templiners are a highly effective shipping solution designed to reduce temperature fluctuations and provide a sealed, humidity-controlled environment for products shipped in 20ft and 40ft containers. They can be easily installed by a single person in just 10 minutes and can be removed and refitted multiple times. 

This solution reduces thermal shock and protects against rain damage, giving businesses confidence that their products will arrive in good condition. This also avoids the negative impact of any unforeseen delays. You can rely on DunLash to secure your products for export with reliable templiners.

RAFT (Reefer Air Flow Technology)

RAFT is a technology that helps maintain consistent temperatures in refrigerated shipping containers. One way to benefit from this technology is by using containers equipped with the DunLash RAFT Kit. This kit changes the direction of airflow in the container from vertical to horizontal, allowing chilled air to circulate throughout the packaged products. 

RAFT leads to more consistent temperatures throughout the container and reduces the risk of shipments being delayed due to spoiled or damaged goods. By improving the quality and reliability of shipments, businesses can better plan for unexpected delays caused by cargo issues.

Container Desiccants 

One way to prevent moisture damage during unexpected cargo delays, such as port delays, is by using container desiccants. These agents absorb moisture inside shipping containers, protecting the cargo, and improving supply chain reliability. 

DunLash Ultra Container Desiccants are a cost-effective option made of natural fibre and calcium chloride. Packaged in 750g sachets, they meet FCC Guidelines for shipping cocoa beans and comply with EU regulations. These desiccants can absorb up to 250% of their weight at high humidity levels and are easy to use and dispose of after use.

Lashing For Securing Cargo 

Lashing is another effective solution for protecting your cargo during delays. It ensures that cargo is properly secured during international shipping, reducing the risk of damage by rough conditions or inadequate securing. This leads to a smoother transport process, minimising the impact of unexpected delays.

Lashing solutions from trusted companies like DunLash offer added reassurance that your cargo will be handled and transported safely. Our solutions have been approved by AAR and certified by GL, they are designed to comply with CTU standards ensuring their reliability and compliance with industry standards.


Cargo delays are an unfortunate but often inevitable part of the logistics industry. By investing in strategies such as templiners, RAFT, container desiccants, and cargo lashing, businesses can reduce the risk of cargo delays and keep their operations running smoothly in the face of unexpected delays. 

Contact us to find out how to plan for unexpected cargo delays and ensure your business is prepared for any potential disruptions.