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Maintain Temperature And Freshness In Grape And Stone Fruit Containers

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Maintain Temperature And Freshness In Grape And Stone Fruit Containers

Businesses that export fruits such as grapes and stone fruits are extremely concerned about the safety and timely arrival of their shipments. This fresh produce is considered delicate cargo and must be shipped with care due to its perishable nature and ability to decay after harvest. Through the use of agricultural cooling solutions for shipping fresh produce, we are able to help these businesses with the temperature management of their fresh produce.

It has been proven that using a RAFT kit improves the speed of cooling fruit to the desired set point and maintaining reefer temperature consistency. This kit changes the direction of airflow from vertical to horizontal, which forces the chilled air through the packaged product and allows for more uniform temperatures throughout the container.

Factors Affecting The Fruit Inside A Refrigerated Container

The temperature in a refrigerated container can be altered due to a variety of factors such as:

  • Poor distribution of cold air inside a refrigerated container.
  • Fruit packaging not allowing cold air to move through easily. 
  • When power failures and/or defrost cycles occur during the voyage.
  • Extended Shipping times 

In spite of all of these potential influences, the RAFT kit is able to assist in maintaining a more consistent temperature within the refrigerated container. 

Cargo Temperature Control For Grapes And Stone Fruit Containers

Grapes and stone fruits need to be shipped carefully, thus they need to be kept at the ideal temperature. Maintaining an appropriate temperature in the container ensures that retailers and marketplaces have access to fresh delicious fruits.

The RAFT kit has been tested on stone fruit and grapes, showing that it can maintain temperatures significantly closer to the set point of the container than traditional shipments without RAFT, which has a direct impact on the quality upon arrival. 

Benefits Of Using Raft Kit To Export Grapes And Stone Fruits

  • It allows uniform temperatures throughout the container.
  • Fruit cools to set point faster.
  • Preserves the quality of fruits.
  • Made up of recyclable components and does not damage the container.
  • Commercially proven with a variety of fresh produce.

The RAFT kit has received patents in South Africa and internationally. It’s been tried and tested as an effective method for keeping grapes and stone fruits at a constant temperature and preserving their quality. Several highly regarded businesses, like Dole South Africa, Cape Five, among others, have expressed their satisfaction with the RAFT kit and recommended it to others.

Contact the DunLash team if you have any questions about cargo temperature control for grapes and stone fruit.