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Primary Desiccants To Protect Products In Humid Conditions

primary desiccants for moisture-sensitive products

Primary Desiccants To Protect Products In Humid Conditions

A major concern for shipping and warehousing operations is excessive moisture; this is a common problem for moisture-sensitive products exposed to drastic changes in humidity, especially with prolonged storage and transit times. Exploring possible preventive strategies before making storage and shipping arrangements is essential to prevent cargo damage due to moisture. One such strategy is the use of primary desiccants.

This solution protects products susceptible to moisture damage by quickly reducing the humidity to a predetermined lower level, keeping them safe for an extended period of time. Let’s dive deeper into what primary desiccants are and how you can use them to protect your products.

What Are Primary Desiccants?

Primary desiccants, also known as mineral clay desiccants, are non-hazardous, moisture adsorbents made specifically for industry to prevent packages from experiencing moisture damage like mould, fungus, and oxidation, among other things, during storage or en route to the customer.

Mineral clay desiccants are made from natural materials such as montmorillonite or bentonite clay. This lightweight, environmentally safe solution is packed in bags after being processed through granulation, baking, and other physical processes; they are placed inside cargo packages before shipping or warehousing.

Benefits of Protecting Your Moisture-Sensitive Products with Primary Desiccants

Prevents Moisture Damage

A significant benefit of protecting your products with primary desiccants is to avoid moisture damage. The main threat is from the moisture present in the air.

Moisture in the air is a gas, which condensates into liquid in the form of droplets when the temperature reaches dew point. Condensation causes mould, corrosion, and other types of physical damage that negatively impact your products and your business. Thankfully, these desiccants can help maintain the integrity of your goods so that they can be delivered in good condition.

Efficient And Cost-Effective

DunLash PacDry primary desiccants are the least expensive and labour-efficient solution for moisture damage prevention in primary packages (including wrapped or shrouded items in crates). They function within average temperature and relative humidity (RH) ranges. After adsorption, they remain dry to the touch, with no apparent change in texture. Using primary desiccants helps businesses avoid huge expenses due to moisture damage.

Environmentally Friendly And Safe 

DunLash PacDry desiccants conform to many standards, such as the US Military Specification D-1464E. They are environmentally friendly, safe, odourless, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and easily regenerated. Made from natural clay minerals with no additives, they are 100% degradative.


DunLash PacDry primary desiccants remain one of the safest and most effective ways to protect your products against moisture damage. Trust the most experienced cargo solutions specialists to support your business. We offer a range of primary desiccants to meet your unique moisture elimination requirements.

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