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How Cargo-Safe Desiccants Prevent Container Rain

cargo-safe desiccants

How Cargo-Safe Desiccants Prevent Container Rain

Container rain is a threat to shipping companies and businesses around the world as it can result in a loss of products and revenue in huge proportions. It can be prevented with cargo-safe desiccants used for moisture control. But before we can speak about container rain prevention, let’s take a moment to understand exactly what we are dealing with.

What Is Container Rain?

Container rain is caused by a build-up of humidity in a container. This comes about due to surrounding environmental conditions.

  • The loading environment can be a large contributing factor, especially if it’s in a humid location, which can often be the case.
  • Products and packaging, as well as packing materials, can also create a build-up in humidity.
  • Temperatures fluctuate from day to night, and from one location to the next. Cargo can travel through multiple climate zones on a single voyage, causing the container and contents to go through extreme temperature change.
  • Condensation starts to build up inside the container due to the combination of humidity and temperature fluctuations.
  • This presents itself as container rain, which drips down onto products and cargo.

Without adequate moisture control, a number of issues cab arise. Packaging can deteriorate, powders can start to cake, labels will peel, and instances of mould, corrosion, and warping can become prevalent.

Cargo-Safe Desiccants

Moisture control is the only way to combat container rain and it can be accomplished using cargo safe desiccants. DunLash moisture prevention is offered through a variety of products. Our range includes PacDry mineral clay desiccants, DunLash Gel container desiccants, and DunLash Ultra moisture control packets. All container rain prevention options work for multiple applications and industries, keeping cargo safe and keeping container rain and moisture under control.

Contact us today for an obligation-free quotation on all your container rain prevention needs. We are ready to assist you.