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Lashing Versus Chains To Secure Heavy Cargo

Lashing Versus Chains

Lashing Versus Chains To Secure Heavy Cargo

Tired of lugging heavy chains around to secure heavy cargo on flat racks, Maffies, and on board ships? DunLash heavy-duty lashing, coupled with Cordstrap dynamic load buckles and pneumatic or battery-operated tensioners, make light of this type of work. Switch to the fast, reliable system of certified woven lashing systems to save time and money. We’ve put together a few points to consider in the lashing versus chains debate.

If you’ve ever had to use heavy chains and SWR to secure heavy cargo, you know how hard it can be just to get the chains in place. The chains are not only heavy, but they can also be abrasive, causing harm to the cargo’s finish. You can avoid these problems by securing your cargo with DunLash solutions. This will ensure that your cargo stays in place throughout the whole transport chain.

Using Lashing Versus Chains And / Or Steel Wire Rope

Steel wire rope (SWR) is a popular material for lifting and securing heavy items. When steel wire rope is handled or stored inappropriately, the chance of a safety hazard occurring increases dramatically. Some of the most common safety problems with this securing system are injuries from broken strands, corrosion, and rope wear that causes it to slip, stretch, or break. 

SWR and chains have been a common method for cargo securing. But chains are heavy and hard to work with. For businesses looking for a much lighter material to secure cargo, lashing is becoming an extremely popular choice. It is the most effective method of securing goods for international transit, regardless of whether it is in a container, flat rack, railcar, or ship.

Securing Your Cargo With DunLash Lashing Solutions

The nature of the items, their weight, and the mode of transportation all play a role in determining which type of lashing will be most effective. DunLash cargo securing products eliminate safety incidents and damage to your cargo. They are certified, fast, risk-free, cost-effective, and time saving. Some examples of DunLash solutions include:

Polyester Woven Lashing

The polyester woven lashing solutions provided by DunLash and Cordstrap offer several benefits over traditional lashing goods. They are reliable, and risk-free saving you money and effort. These solutions are GL-certified and AAR-recognised and can be used in any environment to properly secure goods in accordance with CTU regulations.

Cordstrap DYNABLOCK Buckles

The DYNABLOCK Buckle is the newest innovation in buckle technology, and it was made specifically for dynamic loads, such as vehicles and wire mesh. DYNABLOCK Buckles are manufactured from high-quality steel and are available in different sizes and strengths. All our buckle and woven lashing combinations have been tested and approved by SGS Certification in South Africa. .

Pneumatic Tensioners

The use of pneumatic strapping tensioners makes it possible to apply a great amount of tension to a strap with only a small amount of physical effort. A single pull of a trigger is all that is required to begin the procedure.

Battery Operated Tensioners

The Cordstrap CBT 35 Battery Operated Tensioner was created specifically for use with 32 mm heavy-duty polyester strapping and lashing. It gives those who use Cordstrap and DunLash polyester strapping access to the cutting edge of battery-powered technology while reducing operator fatigue.  


DunLash works with and trains many export packers, who know and trust our products. When it comes to securing cargo in a way that is compliant, safe, and economical while also preventing damage during transport, our lashing products are the preferred solution.

Contact us today to find out which DunLash lashing solution is most suited for your company.