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Purfresh is a global provider of specialized controlled atmosphere systems, live data tracking and monitoring for cargo transported in refrigerated ocean containers, and international cold treatment assurance management.


Purfresh technology and products reduce the risk of:


High value cargo loss, improves food safety, and helps ensure higher-quality arrivals for cargo shipped internationally in refrigerated ocean containers. Purfresh, and their global network of partner companies, assist their clients in the expansion of market opportunities and deliver safer, higher-quality cargo to their destination markets.


Benefits include:

  • Combines, controlled atmosphere, and active atmosphere with ozone technology to reduce decay
  • Delay ripening
  • Extend shelf life
  • Reduce food-borne pathogens
  • Purfresh is also the sole independent provider of combined remote satellite and GSM atmospheric, cold chain, and reefer controller monitoring, reporting, and two-way communication management
  • Proven and cost- effective, Purfresh is the ideal solution to protect a wide range of fresh, perishable, high value, and conventional cargo being shipped in refrigerated intermodal containers
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